Black Soap with Turmeric & Honey 4 oz

Black Soap with Turmeric & Honey 4 oz

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The Best Natural Soap and Finest Cleanser

Our Black Soap can be used on all skin types including dry and rough, oily and moderate skin. Relieves acne and lightens blemishes, reduce discomfort that is associated with skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. Regular use helps remove facial lines that are mostly early signs of ageing. Cleanse pores and rejuvenates the skin leaving your body fresh and clean. 


1) Spot Test - Be sure spot test the soap if using for the first time, even if you have used a different brand of black soap before. Choose a small, discreet patch of skin on your body, such as a wrist or under the chin. Wet the area and apply a small amount of soap using finger or cotton tip to lather, rub on skin for 5 seconds before washing off. Wait 15 minutes and observe skin, If skin does not experience adverse reactions continue use. If an adverse reaction occurs discontinue use. 

2) Leave On Skin As Recommended - For the first week, black soap should only be left on the skin for 5 seconds or less. Increase the time left on skin each additional week up to 60 seconds in total. Week 1 - 5 seconds / Week 2 - 10 seconds / Week 3 - 20 seconds / Week 4 - 30 seconds / Week 5 - 45 seconds / Week 6 - 60 seconds

3) In The First Month Use Only 3 Times Per Week - Our black soap should not be used more than 3 times per week (once every 48 hours) in the first month to allow your skin to adjust and recover after each use.

4) Use Our Whipped to perfection Shea Butter or Moisturizing Body Oil After Each Use For Best Results - We strongly recommend applying our Shea Butter or Body Oil after each application of our Black Soap with Turmeric & Honey. African black soap works by drawing out excess oils from the skin. Using our Whipped to perfection Shea Butter or Moisturizing Body Oil will help to offset the drying effect and support the skin's natural rejuvenation process.

5) Do Not Apply Soap Directly To Skin - True African black soap is unrefined, meaning there may be rough parts in the soap. These particles are important to maintain the natural properties of our soap. We advise, lather the black soap in your hands or on a sponge/ washcloth to avoid any scratching or irritation. Avoid getting the soap into eyes or mouth, for external use only. If contact occurs rinse thoroughly several times with clean water. Do not use on broken or irritated skin.

Ingredients: African Black Soap (a raw blend of plant-based ingredients from Ghana, West Africa including cocoa pods, plantain skins and leaves, coconut oil, palm tree leaf derivatives and shea butter), Turmeric powder, Pure raw honey 

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